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joey outdoor painting

B. 1990, Joey Malia has been passionate about art since he could pick up a pencil. After graduating with a fine arts degree from Prairie State College, Joey eventually made his way into the art world through his tattooing, which helped him realize his dream of being a professional artist. Now, he focuses his time equally between skin art and oil painting, so that he can create whatever he is feeling in multiple mediums and artforms.

Joey considers his work as being semi-realism; meaning he likes to depict his subjects in a realistic way, but with abstract elements to convey a certain mood or experience, not simply as a camera would.

"First you paint what you see, then you paint what You see."


When Joey doesn't have a brush or a tattoo machine in his hand, he is spending time with his wife and his two dogs on their homestead in Beecher, IL.

About the Artist

Plein Air Painting
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